J12 watch or Bvlgari

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  1. I'm really into watch and eyeing the j12 or Bvlgari Ergon. Which watch would be better to have? Please give me your opinion
  2. Bulgari
  3. i love the j12 but thats me!!! i love bvlgari too though!!! good luck!!
  4. how much is the J12 ?
    I would pick that one, but I've never known the price.
  5. pics of specific watches?
  6. here are the pictures

    Attached Files:

  7. Between these 2, Chanel for sure!
  8. Chanel J12!
    lol I just decided earlier today that I really want a J12(or Dior Christal), and came here searching for prices :P
  9. I love the J12! I would buy it for myself...I think it looks amazing.
  10. oooh the J12, for sure.
  11. i love both but i'd pick chanel this time!
  12. J12, no doubt.
    That watch almost makes me want to start wearing a watch :P (I don't, because I find that wearing a watch stresses me out)
  13. Bvlgari, only becoz i have one.
  14. The J12 is a beauty,
    I thought it was around 4000 $ ? I might be totally wrong ????!!
  15. Ooooh the Chanel J12 without a doubt!