J12 watch or Bvlgari

  1. I'm really into watch and eyeing the j12 or Bvlgari Ergon. Which watch would be better to have? Please give me your opinion
  2. Bulgari
  3. i love the j12 but thats me!!! i love bvlgari too though!!! good luck!!
  4. how much is the J12 ?
    I would pick that one, but I've never known the price.
  5. pics of specific watches?
  6. here are the pictures
    bulgari.jpg j12.gif
  7. Between these 2, Chanel for sure!
  8. Chanel J12!
    lol I just decided earlier today that I really want a J12(or Dior Christal), and came here searching for prices :p
  9. I love the J12! I would buy it for myself...I think it looks amazing.
  10. oooh the J12, for sure.
  11. i love both but i'd pick chanel this time!
  12. J12, no doubt.
    That watch almost makes me want to start wearing a watch :p (I don't, because I find that wearing a watch stresses me out)
  13. Bvlgari, only becoz i have one.
  14. The J12 is a beauty,
    I thought it was around 4000 $ ? I might be totally wrong ????!!
  15. Ooooh the Chanel J12 without a doubt!