J12 watch for Saks EGC WITH DISCOUNT! =)

  1. Hiii everyone,

    So many people have been messaging me about how/where I got the J12 watch for a 10% discount.

    For the life of me I couldnt even remember the SA's name even though she was super nice and sweet and Ive run into her a few times where she said "hi cory" and i was like dumbfounded...

    Anyhow--I got off my lazy butt and called the store to figure out who sold it to me and as luck would have it, I even got the first letter of her name wrong--I told some people it started with an "M" and its "N" LOL.

    Here is her information:

    Saks Chevy Chase, MD

    PLEASE let her know Cory referred you. She will know about the 10% discount and please call her ASAP as the watches are being sold very quickly she just told me and she'd have to order more for people if they want it in time for EGC.

    Look forward to hearing from any of you who end up getting the watch from her--post pics too!

    Hope this helps!
  2. ^^ that sucks for me as I could get a 10% discount, but would have to pay tax. For some strange reason when I order from Saks out of state I don't have to pay tax, although I have a Saks in my state ... go figure!
  3. OMG CORY! Thanks so much for this post! I just called Nancy and she was fabulous ... she's going to order me one because she said she doesn't have one available for me right now.

  4. yay Im so happy for you!! :tup:

    glad it worked out...yah she had mentioned to me for people to call her ASAP so she can put in orders for the watches so they'll arrive in time for EGC ring up next week.
  5. oh yah--just got off the phone with Nancy.

    She was just concerned as shes received a bunch of calls today about ordering more J12s for EGC purchase. Its just that the Saks Chevy Chase, MD isnt a huge dept (I guess compared to Beverly Hills, NY, etc) and they dont have a lot of J12s left in stock.

    At the same time she was just wondering who was committed to buying it I guess so she didnt order a bunch of J12s and be left with them next week (though Im pretty sure some people may come in to get them during EGC as walk-ins)

    But yah--she just asked me to see if you really wanted it, if you could leave her your contact/charge information I guess so she could contact you as soon as your J12 has come in for EGC purchase.

    Hope this wasnt too confusing!! ;)
  6. Yea ... I offered to leave her my CC number. But told her someone would be calling in to change it to a different one. I'm receiving this watch as a gift :yahoo: and I didn't have BFs CC on me. So she told me to just call her tomorrow instead.
  7. no worries haha ;)

    congrats on your new J12...so excited for you! :heart:
  8. goodness cory, you are one of the most helpful girls on tpf!!! (cory helped me get on a waiting list for my dream bag :tender:) my cousin is dying for a j12--i'll have to let her know. thanks again!!!
  9. Thank you so much Cory for the info I just ordered my j12 from Nancy I am getting the 10% discount and my EGCs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again
  10. Oh my...I've been wanting one for months! I'm thinking if I should get one now or wait a bit. Does anyone know if the J12 is going up in price in Sept? Or Nov. like the purses? I thought I read Sept. for the watch, can someone confirm? Thanks!
  11. I spoke to Chanel in Hawaii and they confirmed that the watches will definitely be going up in Sept.

  12. How many EGC's can the watch get you? One $450 right?
  13. Yes, it should get you (1) 450 USD giftcard at Saks =)

    Hope everyone enjoys their watches when they get them and I def expect to see pics!!

    So happy you're all getting it, I feel giddy since I love my watch so much!!

    I have the J12 white 33mm no diamonds...
  14. I'm so tempted. One concern, does the white ceramic turn yellowish with wear?
  15. cory, cory, cory. it's all your fault if i come home with a J12! have spoken to nancy and we might find me a lil treat come EGC day. ACK!