J12 watch dilemma? Please help!

  1. I know many ladies here own both versions 33mm and 38mm... I have been debating on which size to purchase, I already know I want the plain one- no diamonds (already own a Rolex with diamonds, therefore I need a plain one for everyday wear)- now what I'm worry about is that 33m needs a baterry, and 38mm is automatic, will the automatic stop if I dont wear it everyday? I never had a automatic watch before so if anyone knows please let me know, regarding the size both size are fine with me. The automatic situation is what I'm more worry about. Please need all your input!:yahoo:
    PS: Also I have 3 little ones with this be okay to wear it everyday while playing in the park w/them?, sports? etc..

    Thank you!!!!

    thegraceful1 (Norma)
  2. Yes, you will need a watch winder if you do not wear the automatic watch everyday.

    You should have no problems wearing this watch to do all the normal everyday things a mommy does, including taking the kids to the park, etc.
  3. Isn't your Rolex an automatic?

    You'll need a watch winder if you don't feel like resetting it all of the time.
  4. No my Rolex is a Celline is not automatic, also thank you ladies for your info.
  5. The J12's usually work fine for 24 hours without a watchwinder but I guess you'll love it so much when you get it you'll wear it everyday. It is virtually indestructible.
  6. ^^Haha....so true!!!!
  7. It's ok fort like two days. Stops on the third day.
  8. Get the automatic, the sweeping hand is just beautiful! IMO the diamonds can be an everyday watch, although I'm biased because its mine :roflmfao: I have Rolex with diamonds as well and it does have a totally different feel than the diamond j12.

    You should definitely be able to wear it everyday, it does not scratch! I take mine everywhere, to the beach, on trips, outdoors, and its still as perfect as the day I got them. I'm sure whatever you pick will be lovely, and post pics! :heart: