J12 vs. new Michele Ceramic Deco

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  1. Hi ladies!

    Just wanting to get your opinion. I'm stuck in a little dilemma here. I've been saving up for a 33mm white J12 with the diamond markers and recently came across the new Michele ceramic Deco with diamonds. Now I don't know which one to get! The Michele is about half the price and has diamonds all around while the J12 only has it on the markers. I currently have the Michele CSX and I absolutely love it. What do you guys think? Here's a link to the pic of the Michele Deco if you haven't seen it yet. I would really appreciate feedback! Thanks so much in advance. :tup::heart:


  2. The Michele watch looks dressy. The J12 is sporty.

    If you've been saving for the J12 that's probably the one you really want. Don't get the Michele only because its cheaper or has more diamonds.

    Since you already have a Michele go for the J12.
  3. I really like the Michelle watch!
  4. Go for the j12. You'll be very happy with it.
  5. I think that I prefer the round shape of the J12 in the chunky ceramic style, I'm not sure why...
  6. I love both!!
  7. Thanks for your feedback ladies! very good point bagsforme! I think I will go for the J12 since down the line if I ever decide on getting the Michele, it'll be easier for me to save up for it. That sounds more practical right?
  8. I agree on the J12 decision....that watch is sooo nice and like you've said, you can easily get the michele one later....
  9. Get the J12 cause if you don't you might always end up feel like you settled..
  10. J12!
  11. I'd buy the J12 since that's what your heart wanted first. It's tempting to get something less expensive (even though the Michele is TDF!), b/c you can have it sooner, but I'd wait and keep saving.

    As another poster has already said, you can get the Michele watch later if you still want it.
  12. j12
  13. Love J12.
  14. I say the J12, since I just got mine yesterday! Need to get it sized so I can't even wear it yet!

    I like the Michele watch, it's very pretty, however the face of the J12 w/ diamond markers is pretty stunning imo.
  15. I prefer the J12