j12 vs michelle white ceramic diamond deco

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  1. What would you choose to have the chanel j12 white watch w/0 any diamonds or the new michelle white ceramic deco watch with diamonds?:shrugs::shrugs:
  2. chanel j12
  3. J12 definitely.
  4. J12
  5. I asked the same question not too long ago, and I've decided that nothing compares to j12 when it comes to ceramic, so j12 for me too
  6. j12!
  7. J12. Don't buy any other ceramic watching hoping it'll fill your J12 longing- it won't. In the end you'll be left with two watches and a bigger whole in your bank account.
  8. Definitely the J12.. I've looked at a lot of other ceramic watches, and even though they may have diamonds at the same price of the non diamond Chanel, it really just doesn't make my heart skip a beat in the same way !

    Also, I really enjoy that the 38 mm is automatic !
  9. j12!!