J12 question

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  1. Hi, can J12 owners tell us whether these watches are Swiss made or made in Italy?
  2. Mine is Swiss, but it's 4 years old so might have been a change ;)
  3. Hi there,
    this is my first post in the Chanel forum but i just purchased the J12 with rose gold just a few days ago and mine is swiss made. Hope that helps!
  4. Mine is Swiss made too... J12 38mm automatic with diamond marker
  5. Thanks a lot! I'm really interested in J12 but just not sure whether to get it in plain white or the black with rubies... also wondering if the price will increase in November.
  6. that sounds interesting... could you post a picture to share? thanks in advance
  7. The Chanel timepieces are serious watches; all made in Switzerland. I read someplace that the J12 will be available soon in a small size -- I think a 23, a real lady's size. I think I may have seen an ad in one of DH's watch mags. It will be gorgeous in a ladylike size.
  8. The new one is a 29 mm.
  9. Thank you for the size correction. I had the wrong number in my head. But, won't that be a pretty size?
  10. Mine says "Swiss made"
  11. My J12's are both Swiss made. Chanel has their own watch factory in Switzerland so I'm sure they will continue making their watches there.
  12. Luxemadam - i am waiting on one other little item and i will have my first reveal in the next few days, so keep an eye out.... But yes interesting it is, I'm in love with this watch even more so in the rose gold. You will not be disappointed, the quality and workmanship is exceptional.
    By the way, just got back from chanel and my SA informed me that not only is it swiss made but ALL the inside components are as well, some watches are swiss made but the inside bits and pieces are imported from other countries.....just some more good info to pass on to you:biggrin:
  13. Great! I asked this question because I read from some watch review websites that J12 is actually made in Italy, which I find it strange.

    Anyway, thanks again to all Chanel fans and experts on TPF who answered my question. I'm sure I will get mine soon ;)
  14. BTW, please share pictures... can't wait to see them.