J12 question

  1. does anybody know if the white J12 come in a smaller size( smaller than 33mm)?
  2. I'm pretty sure it only comes in two sizes - 33mm and 38 mm. I wouldn't be surprised if it came in a bigger size - bigger than 38mm, but I'm sure I've never seen anything smaller than 33mm.
  3. The J12 also comes in a 41 MM.
  4. Thanks:p - that doesn't surprise me.
  5. thanks for the replies. I was thinking about this watch and didn't know if it came in a smaller size
  6. 33 is the smallest and it's the one I have.

    Personally, I recommend either 33 with the diamonds or 38 without. It's such a beautiful watch with any type of attire. I'm SO in love with mine. I wear it everywhere.:yes: