j12 question..help pls!


Apr 6, 2008
hi, for those of u that have a j12, just wanted to ask if u wear it everyday? is it quite a durable watch, being scratch proof ceramic etc.? have had my tag for 8ys now, and my cartier is quite delicate so i keep it for formal events. I'd really like to upgrade my tag for either a j12 or cartier roadster? what do u guys think of these 2 watches. i'm a dentist, so would need something quite hardwearing and water resistant as an everyday watch. would appreciate any opinions? thanks


Nov 7, 2006
I own the Roadster and have discovered that it is quite delicate also. It scratches easily. Cartier, however, is able to take them out through buffing. It is a beautiful watch, though.

If you need a hard wearing watch, my personal opinion is to stick with professional watch makers. Tag, Omega, and Rolex make some very durable watches that are able to withstand everyday use. I alternate between my Tag Carrera (3 years old) and Rolex Datejust (7 years old) for my everyday watches and they are still in practically immaculate condition.
Oct 13, 2006
J12 is my super watch lol. when I debated between Cartier Roadster or J12 black 33mm w/diamond, Cartier won b/c it's classic piece. But then I can't get over the J12, it bugs me to see how easily Roadster show scratches, and I'm soo happy to get my J12 babies :love: Chanel did a good job w/ceramic, amazing stuff that never scratches, both black and white J12 I own shows no wear, and they've been my daily watch for the past 3 years. Even for formal events, I find my black 33mm J12 to be appropriate with it's diamond markers and it's unique sheen.


Nov 2, 2009
i have the j12 and a cartier and i wear the cartier every day just because i like the style better for every day use. i wore the j12 a lot when i first got it but now i hardley ever wear it jsut because its bulkier. but it is a very good watch and looks great. no scratches.


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Jan 3, 2008
^^I agree with Lynny and Classic about the J12. I have the black 33mm with diamond markers and wear it everyday. It still looks great/new. I also have a Cartier Ballon Bleu that I wear for more formal occasions. The J12 is a good looking, durable watch. I'm very pleased with it.
Mar 19, 2008
I only own one Cartier and it IS the Roadster. My is only 3 years old and it is shown quite a bit of scratches already ;(
I was dreaming for J12 but couldn't afford (and can't) the price tag so I bought an Aquamarine ceremic. It's been a year and I am hard on my watches, there is no signs of scratches whatsoever. So in conclusion, YES ceremic (if made well) are durable! (imo)


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Dec 16, 2005
You can wear a J12 everyday and it will look brand new year after year!!

I had one, sold it (regrets) - and then bought a lower end ceramic which does NOT have the quality of Chanel.

Go for it, you will not regret the J12, it is an awesome and beautiful watch!!


Apr 6, 2008
thanks for all the opinions..now for the big question.. do i go for black or white? i wear loads of black so i know it'll def match, or shud i go with white as the colours looks really nice againt my skintone and will add contrast to all the black i wear?


Nov 25, 2007
I 100% decided on the black. Then my two best friends talked me into the white. I bought the plain white in the 38mm. But I could not get black out of my mind. So less than a year later, I bought the black 33mm with diamond markers. I couldn't be more happier with my choices!