J12 Owners! I have some questions!

  1. I just got back from Boston and went crazy for Chanel and bought a bunch of things, including the J12 watch. I decided to ship the watch since I could save on tax and I didn't have any more room in my suitcase.

    Now that I am back home, I am debating if I really need this watch and I already forgot what it looks like on my wrist! I bought the one with diamonds on the face, not all around the bezel in white. I have an everyday watch, but I thought this one would be great for fun.

    Anyway, they haven't shipped it yet, but I need to decide before tomorrow. Do you all really love it?!?

    Any chance someone could post a picture of it on just wearing it (not a close up) I do not have a Chanel store by me and it was late when I tried it on so I want to make sure I really love it by tomorrow!

    Thanks for your help!

    Btw- I bought the most gorgeous bag. I'll post pics soon, probably over the weekend though....oh I also returned the gold madison. I did not care for the color at all!
  2. I'll try to take a 'wearing' pic if I get a chance.
  3. I wear my J12 watch every day and I think it's the best accessory purchase I have ever made!

  4. yes! I saw your post and it looks GORGEOUS on your arm!!!!!!!! I am glad you love it!!! I am pretty sure I will love it too, but I need to give my CC a break for a while. I hate the fact that I love Chanel so much!!!! Thank goodness I don't have a store near me. I wish I had looked at this watch while in the Caymans last month because I heard I could have got a pretty good discount. Oh well!
  5. I am so glad you love it!!!! So far, I don't know of anyone with regrets yet.
  6. I have the black J12 and absolutely love it! It is a great fun, sporty everyday watch. I get more compliments on it than my Cartier.
  7. Ok guys!! I need some modeling pics!!!!!!!!!!! An action shot!!!!!!!! If you can!!!! Thank you!!!!
  8. I have a couple of these watches and there are no regrets here as well! Great everyday because it DOES NOT SCRATCH. Will look as new in a year as the day you bought it! My vote is keep!!!
  9. I didn't even try the black one on! I wish I had now! Even though I know I would want the white one first.
  10. Also, how old is too old for this watch?? I am mid-thirties!! Is this more of a twenty something watch?
  11. That's so good to know! When I tried on the dior version, I told them I was also looking at the Chanel, they mentioned the ceramic can break easily, but everyone here seems to wear it as an everyday watch. So it must be more durable than what the Dior SA was telling me.
  12. The ceramic is extremely strong, 2nd in strength to diamonds.
  13. I don't think you can be too old for this watch. It's classic! Keep it!!
  14. white basic J12 33mm