J12 Owner please come in !!!

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  1. I have a question about Backing the J12.
    Would anyone give me an opinion.

    Is this backing same as yours, I just bought this. and received it today.
    But I dont know if they change their backing or anything.

    Anyone who bought your watch recently. I really need your help.

    PA090734 (Medium).JPG PA090737 (Medium).JPG
  2. mine doesnt say j12 on it. but mine is automatic while yours is quartz. HTH!
  3. Where did you get yours from? Mines does not look like that, I have the 33mm.
  4. Both of mine are quartz and the black one I'm wearing today does not say J12 on it.
  5. My serial # is on the left which is so wired......I got it from a jewelry watch seller. >"< So anyone purchased yours recently....does your have J12 on it?

    thank you everyone. Today is my worst day.
  6. Phoebe, I purchased my black one around May/June 2007. Hopefully someone here has purchased one even more recently and can help.
  7. Mine doesn't have the J12 on the back either, I got it in July 2007.

  8. i got mine in August 07.
  9. mine doesn't have J12 on the back either...Just Chanel printed on back of it...
  10. mine only says Chanel Paris.. no J12 (but I bought it in 2005.. so prob. they updated it)

    and the 'quartz' is placed before the 'Swiss made', no writing on the side
  11. yours looks the same as mine.
  12. I found a girl she purchased recently, and have J12 on the back too.

    I finally feel a little better.

    To be sure I will go to Chanel this weekend to double check.

    Thank you, ladies. I am so appreciate your helping.

    I was almost in tear. hope everything will be okay.
  13. Good luck Phoebe, please keep us updated. For reference purposes I would like to know if Chanel updated the watch so that it reads J12 on the back.
  14. I will keep you update!!! I will go to Chanel Toronto this weekend to check if this is okay.

    Thanks again, everyone. Espcially... Mon. You are the best!!!!