J12 or Hermes Birkin?

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  1. I'm torn and can only get one. The J12 I could get now but then no Birkin whatsoever this year. I have a Rolex already, but I love the look of the J12. I am going to Italy in June for a few weeks and was thinking of trying my luck at Hermes. I've been lusting over a Birkin for a while, but I'd love a new watch. Help!!!
  2. Birkin!

  3. Isn't Rolex the ultimate watch?!! I'd try my luck at the Hermes since seems like you have been wanting it for a while..Good luck deciding.
  4. Birkin! I want one but it seems so hard to get one from the store!
  5. Birkin hands down!
  6. Birkin - but... - they are hard to get from a store. Your best bet is to try the FSH store in Paris, but even then, its down to luck...
  7. I would try your luck with Hermes first as getting a birkin can be a tricky thing sometimes.
  8. I would pick Birkin too.
  9. Birkin for sure, but like the others have said, it won't be that easy. Only the Paris stores tend to offer it to tourist. I don't think that's the same in Italy but you can always try. Dropping some cash on other items like scarves or jewelry before asking for a birkin might increase your chances.
  10. I agree. I would also research in the Hermes subforum about stores in Italy and what the experiences of others were like. Many times it's cheaper to buy through a reseller unless you are interested in Hermes silks, jewellery or RTW. Each SM has a different policy on how much a customer needs to purchase in other goods before being offered a birkin.
  11. You should also decide whether you "need" a watch or another bag. If you decide to go the H route, be sure to do your research and know what your options look like and if the bag is a good match for you and your lifestyle. The Birkin is a lovely bag, but it's not for everyone. Try to figure out what size and color(s) you might wish for, and what colors are available during your trip; you won't usually have many choices but it's good to know what's out there this year. See if you have anyone you know with one so that you can try it on and decide if the look is one for you. You might also do the same with the watch. If you're a Costco member, they do sell them there now and again, and you could save a bit of money and they have the best return policy out there. You might also want to look at other watch makers who offer a ceramic watch, to see if that's something you really would use a lot, and if so, in which color.
  12. I feel like I have been researching the Hermes sub-forums for years. :P I've had the worst luck in Paris with SA even when I purchased my Lindy a few years ago at the George V location just plain rude. I'll be in Rome, Naples, and Capri. I've heard great things about Naples not much about Capri and Rome is a lost cause. I've been to their stores a few times and tourists get no B's and K's. I am interested in Jewelry and shoes.
  13. for sure
  14. Tutu, You always give great advice! The Birkin I've had my eye on for a few years. My main color choice is black with PHW, but I'm open to any neutral color or a dark blue. I just don't like caramel. I love the J12 but I feel like the Michele watches are very similiar, but Chanel is Chanel.

  15. I believe most Hermes stores in Italy sell their handbags to Italians only and choose to not offer them to tourists. My aunt has bought items from the Naples store with her Italian friends who are clients there but last December we went by ourselves and were turned down even after purchasing a few items that day. The staff was also pretty snobby and weren't really friendly. You can try going and testing your luck.