J12 in InStyle

  1. Not sure if anyone has posted about this yet, but there is a jaw-dropping J12 in the Sept. issue of InStyle magazine. It's on page 278.

    It's a black J12, 18kt gold, rubies and diamonds, for the price of. . . $58,000! It is absolutely gorgeous though. The rubies and diamonds are on the bezel and there are diamond markers. It is a freaking gorgeous watch and if I won the lottery, I would totally get it! I must get a lotto ticket. . .
  2. "Chanel J12 Limited Edition is Exclusive" (pic & info re: watch) http://www.luxurylaunches.com/watches/chanel_j12_limited_edition_is_exclusive.php

    p.s. The link is working now.
  3. The one in InStyle is different than that one, not as decadent, but still breath-taking.
  4. Oh, sorry about that sarcal.:blush:
  5. Oh how pretty ... Hey does any one know what J12 stands for?
  6. No problem layla! If I were at home, I would scan in the picture from the magazine, but I'm not. As soon as I'm home, I will, unless someone else can sooner - I'm out of town, so I won't be able to do it until tomorrow!

  7. I don't know what J12 stands for, but the watches are so pretty. I'm never sure though what color J12 I should get, like white, pink, or black. Its good to finally see someone wants the black one, because I think the black would be really cool looking on someone.
  8. im drooling on my keyboard