J12 for Small Wrist??

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  1. I really want to get my dream watch, which is a J12, but my wrists are only 5.5 inch!!!! Will a 38 mm look too overwhelming on my skinny wrist?? I want to get the 38 mm because it's automatic. The 33 mm is quartz & it's not automatic. What should I do? I hate the fact that I need to change batteries every 5 yrs, but it seems like the 33 mm will fit me better because of my small wrist. Anyone here with small wrist who owns a 38 mm? Do you have a picture of it on your wrist? I don't live near a Chanel boutique so I have no way of trying it before I buy it. What are you thoughts about it? (if I am to get the 33 mm, I need to take it to the jeweler in the mall to have the battery change) :Push: I am worried that they may break the watch. What should I do? Should I just get the 38 mm?? Thank you, :heart:
  2. You might want to just try it out and see what works for you. personally i liked the 33 better and i have a small wrist too.. the bigger one just might look a little bit ridiculous on your wrist.
  3. i have the TINIEST wrists ever..LOL
    I just got the 33 and LOVE it..get the 33..the bigger size looked RIDICULOUS on me..s I understand.Changing a battery is NO BIG DEAL...My Cartier had it happen once.....and the did it while i waited.
  4. I have a 5-3/4" wrist, and have several 36-38mm watches. At first it takes a little getting used to, but now I don't like anything smaller. Just make sure the band can be adjusted to your size, as some bands cannot have enough links removed from them to make them fit. I had that problem with a couple of ceramics I have, so I wear them a bit loose.
  5. I think that if you can try on both and compare, it might help. I have a small wrist also, but not quite as small. What it comes down to is your comfort level. I wear larger watches also, but will be honest, I have hit the age where a larger dial is easier to read and I have always worn men's watches. Automatic movements are cool, but did you know that in that five years time you would be shelling out anywhere from 250 to 500 USD to clean and service your automatic movement? So just be prepared for that if you get the 39mm. Now the larger sizes are very trendy for women, and 33mm have a ore understated look to them. The 33mm case may make more wearable, as watches do not have a great re-sale if you change your mind. Just some things to consider.
  6. Thanks for the link, bb10lue!! The J12 looks beautiful on you.:heart::heart: It doesn't look overwhelming on you at all. I feel much better now! ;) After seeing your pictures, I really like the Cartier Roadster too. :graucho: Is it similar in price as the J12? Thanks,
  7. Laurayuki & Jill: I wish I can try the J12 in 33 mm on first & see how it looks on me. Is the 38 mm much thicker than the 33 mm on the side?

    Jill: Did you take your Cartier watch to a designated Cartier Jeweler to have the battery replace? I have heard that once the back of the watch is opened, it will no longer be waterproof though.

    Thanks, pekachryn! That's a good point!

    starbucksqueen: I didn't know that I need to pay so much money to have the automatic watch clean every 3 - 5 yrs! :faint: That's really expensive ! :faint::faint: You've made a very good point that the 33 mm may be more wearable. I am worried that the 38 mm will bump into things when I wear it or it can't fit under tight sleeves. Is the watch thick on the side? Is J12 watch heavy to wear?

    Thanks, :heart:
  8. The Roadster is definitely cheaper, about $1-2k cheaper than the J12, i've got more compliments for the Roadster than J12 though. The 38mm isn't really that overwhelming as you think, it does take some times to get used to, because of the weight. The 38mm is definitely a statement watch :heart:
  9. I have around a 5.5'' wrist too and I personally thought the 38mm looked too big on me (and so did all of the SA's). The face of the watch pretty much engulfed my wrist. But I've seen the 38mm on other petite women and it looks fabulous on them! So you really can't go wrong with either size - it's completely up to you and what you want! :smile:

    You mentioned you do not have a Chanel boutique in your area - some of the Saks and Neiman Marcus stores do sell J12s as well (wanted to mention that just in case you didn't already know). Do you have any authorized watch resellers in your area? They might also carry the J12. I think it's important to be able to try it on in person before committing to such a big purchase. Or as a last resort, you could cut out two circles (a 33mm and a 38mm) and see which one looks better against your wrist.

    Let us what you end up deciding on! :smile: Since bb10lue posted a link to a picture of the 38mm on her wrist, here's a picture of my 33mm on my wrist for comparision.