J12 for a 11 y/o boy

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  1. I need your opinion. My 11 y/o wants a J12 in black for his birthday coming up at the end of March. I wished he asked for a Wii or PS3 game, but no he wants a J12. Is it appropriate for little boys? I don't think he's asking for diamonds, I hope not. :shocked:
  2. He's 11 turning 12?
  3. I think that a J12 would be a little too extreme for a 11 year old boy. Because the concerns are: will he know how to appreciate it and take care of it?! I would not want to spoil him like that. If my son asked me to buy him a J12, I would say no. Just my two cents.
  4. ^ :yes: and almost teenager. You think it's too much?
  5. I think it's too much. I remember when I was 11, all I got was a Barbie doll. With the weak economy right now, I would save the money for college.
  6. Well, it's going to be the least expensive one for sure. He's been very good with chores and grades, so I thought maybe a reward for such.
  7. I know....but he already has college fund since birth. I understand your point, though.
  8. I think that's too much for someone of that age as well! I think that is more of a 16th (or older) birthday gift. Get him a watch, just not a J12.
  9. Ok, thanks for your inputs, I really appreciate this. I can't agree more. Well, looks like I have to break his heart.
  10. ^^I agree. I would reward my son (if I had one) with something great too if he were very good but not sumt like a j12. If you do give him that, it'll be hard to top that for his next bday. IMO, you cant top a j12! haha
  11. :faint::faint::heart:H
  12. That was exactly my thoughts.
  13. Unless it's a car, haha.
  14. That was my exact reaction when he told me he wanted a J12. :nuts:
  15. Yes, I have to say a J12 is WAY too much for someone that age. You could not (and should not) expect that a 12 year-old would be responsible for that kind of thing. I had this same discussion in the LV thread about parents buying mini papillion's for their toddlers. I couldn't disagree more. I can understand a car at 16 and maybe something more grand at graduation (like a J12)...
    I'm sure you can find plenty of ways to make his birthday special. Best of luck to you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.