j12: Diamonds or not?

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  1. Ok, decided that the 33 is the perfect choice for me!

    What about the diamonds. For the extra money would you do diamond marks or just go without? Sorry to be such a pain!
  2. Without.

    The diamonds are so tiny they aren't worth the extrra $.

    Plus I think the large black #'s really stand out and make the watch so pretty.
  3. I'd want the bling:yes:
  4. I'd get the diamond markers :yes:
  5. i'd go without, and put the extra money toward something else with diamonds.

    honestly i think the j12 with diamonds looks fake...even when it is real.
  6. I agree :yes:
  7. I say without--I don't think the diamond markers add much to the watch. I ended up getting mine with no bling.
  8. The more bling the better for me
  9. yes i love the diamond marker ones, just love diamonds.
  10. Diamonds !
  11. I bought mine but went without the diamond markers because it just looked different to me. What I love most about the watch face is the font on the numbers. Its so modern looking.
  12. I would want the diamonds...
  13. I would definetly go with the diamonds! I think it is so cute with them!!:graucho:
  14. bling bling :tup:
  15. Diamonds won't hurt:tender::tender: