J12 colour for men!

  1. sorry guys - yet another thread!

    iv scoured every corner of the forum looking for pics, as im off to the boutique to get my j12 in feb/march (price rises in april, from $6800 to god knows what). unfortunately, the boutique is 2.5hrs away on a plane, so im picking it now.

    im thinking 38mm (watch i wear now is very close) - and diamond markers are a definite... but everyone on here seems to love the white, and i was thinking black. i work for chanel, and wear all black accessories, so white might look out of place, but i also wear alot of brighter colours casually and im worried black may be too...harsh. that and it fingerprints easily apparently (?)

    another concern i have is working so close to fragrances all the time ... will that damage my j12?
  2. My vote if for Black.
  3. i vote for black too...
  4. For a man my vote is black. My DH tried on the 41cm w/diamond bezel and while I loved it I thought it was a bit much for him. Do they make a 41cm w/o diamond bezel. If yes, my vote would be for a 41cm w/o diamond bezel.
  5. I also vote for black.

    I guess I need to get mine before yet another price increase:shocked:
  6. I vote for black too.

    Yeah, I SA told me they'll be doing another increase in Fine Jewelry, but this time, a "huge increase!" Not the small 5% increases of the past 2 times.
  7. Another vote for black :yes:

    I don't think it looks too harsh, but very stylish. I'm not sure about the fingerprints, maybe some other black J12 owners can help you out with that.

    And how cool that you work for Chanel, I assume that you work at the Chanel cosmetics department? Looooove Chanel cosmetics :heart:
  8. Another vote for the black, especially the new black GMT. Hotness!
  9. Def black for men.
  10. black for men. I cannot beleive they are having YET another price increase on the watches! I am planning to get one in 2009- wonder how many hundreds it would have increased by then....
  11. thanks for your responses guys!

    yeh i work in chanel cosmetics (would prefer boutique but there isnt one here). its insane with christmas at the moment! im ready to curl up and die.

    thanks for that wonderful site chanelspell!

    i also think that 41mm might be to big (read: $800 too expensive).

    and the rumour is that J12's will rise 15%. as far as i've heard.
  12. The black, definitely. I love the white also, but IMO the white looks better w/a diamond bezel. The black looks better on its own, and especially in the larger size watches.
  13. I prefer the black for guys. A friend of mine (male) thought he wanted a white one, and he tried them both on, but the black just looked so much better on him. He bought the black and never looked back. I also like the diamond markers on both colors, the diamonds are small but they really do show up. I always get compliments when I wear these watches. Get the black, you'll love it!
  14. I saw a guy wearing the black w/diamond bezel and it was stunning!