J12 Advice on when and where to buy, etc.

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  1. So, I really really want a J12 38mm in white withOUT diamonds! Could you ladies give me some advice on how to get the best deal??? I did a search and it seems you can "negociate the price" at the boutiques. But I am terrible at this!!!
    I live in Houston so I can buy at the boutique or NM, Saks or Torneau(I think they sell J12s right?).
    I just called the boutique and the price is $4200. I asked if they're gonna have an increase in the price tomorrow but the guy didn't know.

    So, how would I get the best deal? I mean is 10% off the best they offer at the boutiques? How about NM? Has anyone gotten 15 or 20% off??? How about Torneau? What kind of discount can I expect from them???

    Or should I just wait for the next Saks Money Back Event, have my brother open an acct and then get 10% off and the money back which is around 10%???

    Any ideas???

    TIA ladies:flowers:
  2. i would love to know this also, i didn't even know you could negotiate at the boutiques!
  3. I'm PMING you!!
  4. I heard from my SA at Chanel boutique that they have been losing business on J12 to NM and Saks since customers were able to get discount from those department stores. But Chanel has changed the policy not allowing NM or Saks to give discount any more...That's what I heard the past weekend. Not sure if any NM or Saks can still make an exception...
  5. I want to know this too. I have been looking at them and think I have become obsessed.
  6. Thanks Luccibag-you're a doll!
  7. ^^^I feel the same way!!! This forums's killing me! JK!!!
  8. Update- I just called Torneau and they don't carry chanel watches:confused1: So Torneau is out.
  9. Another update:
    So I called another Torneau store that carries Chanel but they said they could not give me a good deal! So phyllis1 may be right! Ohh no!!!
  10. i asked a SA at the Chanel boutique in Beverly Hills today and she told me no discounts, even 10%! :confused1:
  11. *bump for this thread* Anyone with any more tips on how to get a discount?

    I'm really keen on getting the 38mm white J12 w/ diamond markers ($4800).

    Oh, and we don't have a Saks here in Hawaii, so do you think that I could open a new Saks credit card account to get the 10% off and do a phone order?
  12. Hi everyone! :smile: Oh my gosh that is the exact watch I've been obsessing about for the past week! I am hoping I'll get a 38mm white j12 with diamond markers for Christmas!!

    I think we can still get 10% off when we open a new Saks acct., no? Or is it true that Saks and Neiman's won't give discounts on J12s anymore?

    Thanks all!
  13. :wtf: NM don't give discount on J12 if open new card?? I already have my Saks card opened for Chanel.....any updates on the j12 discounts??
  14. If I understand correctly, the only way to get the 10% off at Saks now is to open a new credit card account. :yes: I think that's what I will do to get my J12 in the somewhat-near future lol.

    I don't think you can get the 10% off in-store via haggling anymore though, as some other TPF'ers were lucky enough to get to do.
  15. rats, do NM give 10% discount if open new card?