J12 38mm in black

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  1. I'm thinking of taking the plunge and purchasing the 38 in black. Anyone know pricing on this watch. Any specific one that I should look at.
  2. I've just visited the Chanel on 57th Street NYC and tried on the 38MM J12 in Black with diamonds. Its gorgeous! :party: Price for this baby $5600.00.
  3. I believe the one Bagenvy is talking about is diamond markers in Quartz. The automatic (original one) is a couple hundred more. I've been obsessed with this watch for the last 2 months as you can see from all of my previous threads!
    $5600 for black 38 mm with diamond markers in QUARTZ!
  4. Any idea what the price is for one without diamonds. Is it even worth getting one without diamonds?
  5. I don't know price without diamond markers. Check out website for dexclusive. Last time I looked, they seemed to discount 18%. I was thinking of printing it and taking it to Saks or local jewelers to see if they price match.
  6. Just checked dexclusive.com. It looks like the 38mm without diamonds retails for $4500 and they discount 15% making it $3825. I don't know if they are reputable or if any one has had positive experiences with them. I'm hoping to get a price match with jewelers I know.
  7. Since someone has pop this question, does anyone know how much is the J12 38MM in black with diamond markers (automatic) retail for at the Harthdow Airport (london)?
  8. ^ Celia, i believe the exact price for J12 38mm w/ diamond markers automatic is $5800 :yes: i want it in white! :Push: