j12: 33 or 38 MM?

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  1. What size do all of you girls perfer? The 33 or 38? I plan on ordering one but am not sure about the size. Stores around me do not carry them! Thanks
  2. I personally like the 33. I tried both on but the 38 just seemed to big for me...I have really tiny wrists. Maybe measure out circles of 33 and 38 mm and put them on your wrist to get an idea?
  3. I have the 33 mm. I know many people prefer the larger watches, but for me that looked too "trendy." I have small wrists so I need to keep my watches 26-33 mm.
  4. does anyone know what size the rolex datejust is? Maybe I could compare to that??? thanks
  5. I also have the 33. I have small wrists and I would have felt the 38 was enormous, as it is the 33 is a fair bit bigger than my ladies datejust rolex which was the size I was used to wearing before I got the J12. I feel the 33 is perfect.
  6. Hi Babydoll- Just saw your post. I can't remember off hand the actual size of the ladies datejust but the J12 33 is bigger.
  7. rubyola: would you say that it is a lot larger?
  8. I prefer 33mm. 38 is to big. The lady datejust is 26mm. Lady date is 23mm.
  9. I have small wrists, so I would prefer the 33mm.
  10. i have small wrists too, but thought the 38mm in white j12 is just fab. now if you were to get the black one, then i would go with the 33mm.
  11. If you want to go classic then get the 33. If you want a more trendy style that is like a boyfriend watch get the 38mm. I got the 33mm and I love it. It is still big but not masculine.
  12. I have a white 33. The 38 looked so big!
  13. Thank you all so much for all the opinions. I am leaning towards the 33, however the 38 is very pretty but not sure how long it will be in style for!
    I am told big watches are in now!! but who knows for how long when you are spednding that much money!!
  14. i like the 33...it's big enough...although big watches are in, the 38mm is just too big
  15. I have a small wrist and 38 mm looks oversize on me. Anyway, I don't want a 33mm as it works by battery.