J12 29mm White Phantom or J12 29mm Diamond dial?

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  1. #1 Feb 6, 2014
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    So I went to purchase my first J12 29mm White Phantom yesterday, I honestly just found out about the J12 29mm only comes in White numerical, anyways, my lovely SA had to order it from the boutique and yesterday I got it;), and NOW..I am thinking of the J12 29mm with diamond dial, oh boy..I had them side by side, trying them both on both wrists, and they both looked pretty, though the one with the diamond dial has more weight, I never felt in doubt until then, wanting to get the one with the diamond dial but my SA, Ronny talked me into getting the Phantom, now I am still thinking about the one with the diamond dial, shall I exchange it? I know that the White Phantom is a LE piece, was told there was only 2 left out of 2000 pieces made, I don't think I will ever own both, so what do you think I should go for? Your opinion is greatly appreciated.:smile: thanks!
  2. Pics will help!

  3. +1
  4. There she is

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  5. The diamond one!

    I think the phantom would lose it's appeal over time. Unless u plan to get more than one j12, the diamond is the way to go.
  6. oh no~ that'd be so sad to think of my phantom would loose its appeal over time, now you got me leaning towards the diamond more:smile:
  7. i vote for the diamond one, i have it :P
  8. one more vote for the diamond. i feel it's more classy and good for dinner / special date nights too :smile:
  9. A few weeks ago I was in the same dilemma and was torn between a White Phantom and a diamond J12. But then when I tried both on, my three SAs all agreed that the White Phantom suits me more since the all-white dial complements my pale skin tone. I believe the diamond one would suit you more! :smile:
  10. What if the situation were reversed and you had brought home the diamond J12? Would the White Phantom be haunting your thoughts (pardon the pun)? If the answer is no, then get the diamond one. Personally, I love me some diamonds on watches. :biggrin: GL deciding.
  11. I have the diamond one too.

    Like you I was torn between the two, I went home with the plain dial, tossed and turned in bed, couldn't sleep all night, then went back the next day to exchange it for the diamond one.

    I made the right choice. No regrets. Diamonds might be flashy, but it will age better. Age as in grow with your age.
  12. Do you mind posting a pic of yours? I tried to search for modeling pics and yours came up but the links didnt work anymore.

  13. I thought about that too right then when I first saw them both, I think that the diamond dial one's got a slightly warm tone compared to the white phantom and that when I tried it on, it fit me perfectly whereas the phantom is more loose and came straight from the boutique as it was not sitting for a long time in the store..I don't know if it makes any sense to you:P, overall, I'll give my SA a call today if the weather permits, wish me luck!

    thanks for your vote!

  14. didn't you hate that? I just wish that I could settle with her, but NO:thinking:, it iust didn't WOW me af first sight. Thanks for your response ;)

  15. I might have but at the same time I probably would have not regretted getting the diamond J12, Thanks for your response:smile: