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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. This is the Jessica whose style I love..

    I LOVE the whole look, she looks nice here...

    now i'm gonna have to copy this look
  3. it a great look:wlae: like her style and thoose boots are fab with the dress
  4. She looks beautiful! And that's a great outfit -- classy, sexy, and very current.
  5. Those boots are so cute!
  6. this is an EXCELLENT LOOK. i love her style here. and her hair looks fab. there are times however, when the short hair doesnt cut it...like in the allure spread. i hated that. it didnt complement her at all. but here she looks amazing!
  7. stunnniing ... everything looks great .. i like her make up in paricular
  8. i love those boots!
  9. she looks really good.... i like her bag as well.. hehe
  10. she looks really, her boots are fab.
  11. She looks good but there's too much different shades of brown in her outfit, I'd preferred a black or dark purple dress with the brown shoes and the bag, or a grey dress with a red belt. :smile:
  12. Love her look!!!
    It's so great!
  13. She looks cute!
  14. Not a fan of the dress but it looks okay on her.
  15. What a cutie! Love her boots!
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