j simpson london fashion week after party

  1. i like that bag[​IMG]
  2. What bag is that? Good look, but she overdid it with the earrings
  3. jimmy choo
  4. Love the bag! :heart:
  5. She looks GREAT!:love:
    I :heart: her Jimmy Choo Mahala.
  6. like the bag....but she looks weird again....like a man..
  7. Love the outfit! I think she looks really pretty in this picture.
  8. I like her makeup, and the bag is fab!
  9. i don't know....is that just me?! i think her facial expression is a bit...:yucky:, like a drag queen.....
  10. Nice look...nice bag!
  11. she looks fab, i love the red coloured bag.
  12. Yeah....her eyebrows look like they were drawn on. They are so thin & arched like crazy.
  13. I think she looks incredible!!
  14. I like her bag, I think she looks better when she wears less makeup.
  15. Great outfit but I think her makeup is overdone... Did she have more work done?!