J&M Davidson - what do you think?

  1. Just wondering what you all think of this? J&M Davidson is known for its quality and I have no doubt that the leather would be lovely on this.
  2. No one have any thoughts on this?
  3. I think this is a really nice bag. The leather is lovely, I have seen it in the flesh!
  4. Classy, understated expensive looking bags
  5. lovely blue!
  6. I really love J&M Davidson bags - I have one myself ;)

    They are so incredibly well made with the very finest of materials. The bag you have picked out looks gorgeous!

    So.......are you going for it? :graucho:
  7. J&M Davidson bags are nice but arnt really my type. you should get it if you really like it
  8. Thank you all for your comments. I am not used to such a "fussy" bag, with lots of detail but am attracted because of the colour and because I know that the leather will be incredible.

    Will have a bit more of a think about it and keep you ladies posted...
  9. Judy, is it quite a slouchy bag in real life? It looks like it may be because of the drawstring opening. I know the leather would be beautiful - a bit like the Darwin leather used on the Mulberrys.
  10. Lovely looking bag, although I agree with you that it looks a tad fussy.
  11. The colour is gorgeous. I'm not sure if I love the pockets on the front with the long buckle strap too but it is still a nice bag because of the fabulous blue and the leather looks great.
  12. ... quite 'spongy' thick-ish leather, so not what I'd call 'slouchy' as such. Certainly soft, and tactile.
    Probably a little heavier, more textured than Mulberry's Darwin, from memory.

    I think it is one of their best sellers.
  13. I think people are a bit wary of them because they are British but I have seen a few and they are lovely. I used to have one but sold it cos it wasnt my style. They are made of lovely leather.
  14. looks nice, but the strap seems disproportionate to the size of the bag.
  15. love J&M Davidson's bags, but this bag doesn't look that current, even if it is from their new collection. It looks a lot like some older Rafe bags, that have those tabs that are riveted down. I also wonder if the pockets are kind of constructed for a bag that looks like it wants to be soft. Not sure about this one.