J. Lo's Mnk Eyelashes (Seriously, why?)

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  1. Heather Mills McCartney's campaign against Jennifer Lopez took another step up when she discovered the diva wears fake eyelashes made from mink.

    Animal rights campaigner Mills McCartney is disgusted by revelations that Lopez sports a pair of false eyelashes made from real mink in her the video for the new song, "Hold You Down."

    Mills McCartney, who works closely with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is heavily embroiled in a high-profile campaign against J.Lo, and recently threatened to stalk her unless she stops wearing fur.

    The anger between the pair reached the boiling point last Tuesday when Mills McCartney lost her prosthetic leg in a scuffle outside the New York offices of J.Lo's clothing company Sweetface.

    A source says, "Heather was absolutely astonished when she found out about J.Lo.

    "She was utterly outraged -- and could not believe she is allowed to get away with it. J.Lo may be allowed to wear the eyelashes but it left Heather so angry she was determined to target her, whatever the consequences."

    From www.sfgate.com
    Link to article

    I don't think stalking J. Lo is really gonna change this Diva's mind about how ridiculous her fur-wearing has become. Seriously, I mean, Mink eyelashes?? It's hard for me to believe that there isn't a synthetic eyelash out there she can wear, which doesn't require murder.

  2. Whadda expect from a woman who purchased his and her jewel encrusted toilet seats? :sad: :evil: :blink: :mad:
  3. lol damn, now thats a little too much.
  4. You know I can understand a woman enjoying a fur coat every once in a while - but the Cruella DeVille lifestyle she is building is just plain creepy.
  5. well, if you have so much money that you don't know what to do with it, you can either buy useless crap like that or eat it.
  6. Fake eyelashes made from mink? Okay...whatever makes her happy. LOL
  7. It's too bad she can't buy herself a mink soul.

    Or a decent single.
  8. Unless her eye-lashes are by product of all of her coats, then it is a waste. But then again, some people are against wearing fur and some are not. There are limits- and J.Lo does seem over the top- but it isn't illegal. It just causes commotion with some people.

    How did McCartney lose her leg?! That struck me as odd.

    And yes... J.Lo needs some talent. The best thing she has ever done was the movie Selena.
  9. Heather McCartney was a model years ago and was struck by a motorcyle in an accident. That's how she lost her leg. She's now a big advocate for landmine charities because she's familiar with what it feels like to lose a limb. What that has to do with mink, I'm not sure...

    Oh, and OUT OF SIGHT with Jennifer Lopez was an amazing movie!

  10. She was also pretty good in "The Cell".