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  1. Jennifer looks great - as always. :smile:
  2. Haven't seen much of her lately...
  3. She's so gorgeous.
  4. Whats the bag she is carrying?
  5. She looks awesome!! I really love her!!
  6. she looks really good.
  7. JLo is always glowing.
  8. She looks gorgeous. I love her!
  9. I love that she has a big 'ole butt!!
  10. She looks FAB!!! LOVE the bag too!!! Marc's daughter looks so much like her daddy!!!:nuts:
  11. Not a Jlo fan but I must admit she always looks amazing!
  12. Gorgeous as usual! =)
  13. i'm not a fan but i like the bag!
  14. We talk about Victoria Beckham a lot here

    But, I thank Jlo always looks pretty without trying sooooo hard!:yes:
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