J.LO with LV

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  2. J-lo looked fantastic modelling LV - so much better than Uma Thurman did!

    Gisele does a great job at the mo though - she's stunning!

    Must be nice work if you can get it!
  3. She looked so different in the ad.Very elegant:yes: :love: Thanks for the pics:flowers:
  4. She looks so...angry. I :heart: the Tweedy bag though.
  5. I think she's more empowered and dynamic than Uma.
  6. that add with the mc keepalls SOLD me lol

    so i bought one lol
  7. I love the JLO LV ads, why did she get fired?
  8. Rumor was, she cleaned out everything from the shoot. She supposedly even sent an assistant to get the button socks after she left because she forgot them.
  9. She looks very severe. Hard.
  10. :yes::yes::yes:

    That's what I heard. The LV people were horrified that she completely cleaned them out.
  11. for real? How class-less.

    Personally I don't think she fits as the model for LV. I see her more as a spokesmodel for a more trendy line.
  12. I agree:yes:
    i love Uma better:heart:
    (i couldn't forget her with Manhattan PM:wlae:)
  13. I dont understand why she had to TAKE things, she is worth millions!!!

    uhh that bothers me so much, cheap celebrities!! not saying she is cheap but come on!!!
  14. I agree Matt. Cheap celebrities stealing. Oh well, some get away with murder...
  15. Did J.Lo actually get 'fired'? I mean, they switch models every season, right? I feel more like they did a shoot and then moved on.

    For the record, both camps have denied the theft, although that does not mean it didn't happen. :smile: