J. Lo @ The Ace Awards Monday @ Cipriani + Other Guest & Honoree's

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. She looks pretty! Too bad she works my nerves.
  3. C'mon now, she's a pretty girl. Does she really need all that make up? All that gloss too... It looks like, if she were to say a word beginning with "p", the person she's speaking to would be splattered with lip gloss.
  4. She looks gorgeous and I actually like the makeup but I don't like the dress but the shoes or gorgeous.
  5. lol..I so agree!
  6. her lipstick color is :sick:

    she looks Goood ...
  7. I love the way she looks, Jenny's hot!
  8. This is for sure the color her hair looks BEST! It was too dark before!
  9. Marc looks hot!!
  10. She looks good, a lot better then she has been looking lately!
  11. She looks fabulous!
  12. She does look beautiful but I think a hint of tint to her lip gloss would've been even better. I can't decide whether I love the dress or think that it looks like a napkin....?
  13. she looks gorgeous
  14. That's not Marc, it's Tom Ford (or his long lost twin brother!)
  15. More pics
    2dvlp1heve.jpg 2lo2hraz.jpg glam-emmy.jpg glam-queen.jpg glam-rosario.jpg