J. Lo Shows Up For Jury Duty

  1. ‘Jenny from the Block’ is not afraid to join the joe public. She gave onlookers at a local courthouse in Beverly Hills quite a scare as she suddenly showed up for jury service. She was turned away at 3pm and was told her services weren’t required. Probably worried about all the fuss her attendance would create. One onlooker laughed though at J-lo for being the only juror with an assistant by her side.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. hahah nice!
  3. hahaha at least she showed up.
  4. Why would you show up with an assistant, really, now???? It's JURY DUTY!!!!!
  5. Good for her... :shrugs:

    Love the white outfit!
  6. Good for her for doing her duty! I do have to say though, that is a really fugly bag she's carrying! I wonder what designer it is?
  7. She looks very cold.....I wonder what part of the country she was in for jury duty? Doesn't fit Miami.
  8. i agree!
  9. She went to the Beverly Hills courthouse in CA. It's been a bit cold and breezy here lately. :p
  10. That bag looks like a mop...
  11. ^^Haha I agree. I am glad that she showed up, but the assistant by her side is a bit much. What is the assistant going to do....coffee runs, take notes, LOL!!
  12. kudos to her for showing up. a lot of people with a lot LESS to do try and get out of it or just ignore the summons entirely.

    in high school i interned at a courthouse, i've got a soft spot in my heart for those that do their civic duty (probably because i've folded hundreds, if not thousands, of jury summonses).
  13. I'm loving her sunnies.
  14. I find this rather amusing, but kudos to JLo showing up for jury duty.
  15. at least she showed up, which is more than I can say for myself! ha!