J.LO Pregnant

  1. Jennifer Lopez is reportedly pregnant with her first child.
    The sexy singer who married third husband Marc Anthony last month in a secret ceremony, is now expecting her first child, friends have revealed.
    A source told America's New York Post newspaper: "Her friends and family members have told us she is pregnant."
    But representatives for the 34-year old star continue to deny the claims.


    Apparently this is how the story broke **if true**

    Former 'American Idol' star Jess McCartney let the news slip during an interview with Atlanta radio station, Star 94 on Thursday (24.08.06).
    When the 'Right Where You Want Me' singer was asked why Jennifer had pulled out of her new movie 'Dallas' he responded: "She didn't get fired. She's pregnant."
    As soon as he realised what he said, the 19-year-old turned to his personal assistant and asked: "Was I not supposed to say anything?"
    J.Lo - who is married to singer Marc Anthony - recently admitted she is desperate to start a family and had started eating spinach to make her more fertile.
    On her doctor's recommendations, the Latin star has allegedly been eating the leafy vegetable three times a day to boost her intake of folic acid and increase her chances of conception.
  2. Good for her....she will be one of those that looks HOT...her bum is going to LUSCIOUS!!! lol...I wish them happiness, and a safe pregnancy!
  3. I HOPE SO!!!:nuts:
  4. awww that's good if she's pregnant.. She's probably going to deny it until after the 1st trimester.
  5. cool news :smile:
  6. aww cute!
  7. I hope so!!!!
  8. I am not sure I understand this story, OK I get the pregnant part but if you read the first part of the story, it says they got married last month and JLO was 34 y.o. - that was like a or two ago, wasn't it??? The stories probably got mixed up somehow. If she is pregnant I am happy for her. She seems like she will be a good mom.
  9. That's great news, but she ain't 34!!
  10. yep I hope she is, what a cute little baby it would be. I think they have been trying for a while. It will be great to see if she wears some funky maternity outfits too :smile:
  11. hmmm spinach huh? good news!
  12. i hope she is. she's been trying so hard for this for so long:tender:
  13. Super news for them if true
  14. Congrats to her, I hope it's true. She'll have a gorgeous baby.
  15. Jesse McCartney was on American Idol? I don't remember that.:shrugs:

    I read on celebritysource that Jesse issued an apology for his announcement afterwards. Here's the excerpt:

    Singer Jesse McCartney released a statement Friday apologizing for announcing that Jennifer Lopez is pregnant on an Atlanta radio station. “I have no firsthand knowledge whether Jennifer Lopez is pregnant or not,” McCartney said in the statement. “I thought I had read it somewhere. I apologize.” The day before issuing the apology, the 19-year-old announced during an interview with Star 94 that Lopez, 37, left the cast of the new Dallas movie because she is pregnant. McCartney implied he had received the information from his girlfriend Katie Cassidy (daughter of 1970s pop star David Cassidy), who nabbed the role of Lucy Ewing in the film.

    I do hope JLo is pregnant though!:yes: