J. Lo & Mark Leaving Their Hotel In Spain

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG](10/12/06)
  2. She looks slimmer and very happy.
  3. They look cute! I wish he would make his hair less greasy tho.
  4. She looks great!
  5. I don't like her, but she does look great here! I love her outfit!
  6. She looks good, I love J. LO
  7. she looks thin.
  8. wow how does she do it? she looks great!
    Its such a shock though you scroll over from jenn to mark:nuts: he's scary
  9. She looks calm and happy...
  10. she looks great
  11. indeed she looks a bit skinnier than her usuall loook ... they look great together ... love her outfit+bag:heart:
  12. I am not a big fan on J-Lo I don't think she really has much talent.. sing, acting or dancing...
    but i must say she is the ULTIMATE DIVA...alwasys looks PERFECT.. she don't step out of the house looking less than a 10 at all times.......
    he just needs to eat more and fill out his face and wash his darn hair.....
  13. She looks good. I agree with Danica. He could use a good hair washing. Love her bag.
  14. i dont like him!!:confused1:
    but loving her bag..cute!
  15. I love Jenny!
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