J.Lo in Paris

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  1. J.Lo is promoting her new album in Paris today.
    Am I the only one who thinks that she looks like the third Olsen sister here? I'm talking about her outfit of course, the long dress, strange grizzly thing on it and those shoes. Her make-up is still perfect though.
    J.Lo.jpg J.Lo & Mark.jpg J.Lo & Mark2.jpg J.Lo & Mark3.jpg J.Lo & Mark4.jpg
  2. Yea she looks pretty, but the outfit and shoes doesn't work for her.
  3. I hate the whole outfit..
  4. Wanted to say the same thing.
  5. Not her best outfit at all, but she still looks fabulous none the less, and her make-up is amazing as always!
    Her dress if i'm not mistaken is Thomas Wylde.
  6. It looks a little off......I think I might be ok with it without the fur vest thing.......
  7. not the best look of her but still pretty..
  8. eeewww totally hate it on her
  9. wow who would have thought JLo would step out of the house looking that bad.. :yucky:
  10. :wtf: This looks terrible! She has much better taste usually.
  11. :shocked: The shoes have got to go.
  12. Horrible outfit.
    But as always hair and makeup are impecable
  13. I am usually a fan of her outfits but I am not liking this look at all. Hair & makeup is great though
  14. ew! that is the worst outfit I've ever seen on her. Garish. What's up Mary-Kate!
  15. yucko.

    gosh.. she's gotten so much work done.