J. LO Harpers Bazaar: I Actually Like The Cover

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. I like it too :yes:
  3. Me too! She looks very rested and very pretty!
  4. No picture showing Prada's Meadow.
  5. was there a pic attached?
  6. She looks gorgeous, beautiful hair and smile.
  7. can't see the pic either
  8. She looks beautiful but then again she always does - IMO. She looks like she didn't use bronzer in this pic.
  9. no pic for me either :sad:
  10. She is a truly stunning woman.Her face is prefection.I like this cover and her hair color looks great there.Thank god they didnt airbrush her into exsistance.

    But i just dont understand why is she on the second cover this year?Are they running out of people at HB?
    And of all ssues this is a best dressed issue.So a model like Kate Moss would be perfect.
  11. *edit* double post!
  12. She looks so natural and pretty on this cover!
  13. :yes:
  14. She looks beautiful!
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