J. Lo For Harper's Bazaar: One Of 54 Women Voted Best Dressed Women In The World

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    Cover girl Jennifer Lopez is among 54 women this year - including Kirsten Dunst and Halle Berry - who were chosen by the editors at Harper’s Bazaar as the best dressed women in the world.
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  2. I would disagree with Kirsten Dunst but JLO and Halle Berry are definitely on my list. I love the way JLO dresses and looks!!
  3. I love JLo's wardrobe.. most days, there are still some cringeworthy outfits. What I'm more fascinated by is her hair, it always looks so fabulous !
  4. Kirsten Dunst? Are they blind?
  5. I wouldn't mind taking Jlo's hand me downs.
  6. Kirsten? :s
    but yeah JLO is awesome :yes:
  7. JLo looks great, she has style.
  8. J-Lo is beautiful,she has such great style even on her bad days she looks great!!
  9. Seriously, who makes up these lists...lol Kirsten Dunst looks horrible every time I see her. I thought she was known for that. J-Lo on the other hand always looks gorgeous.
  10. Totally agree!!!!

    Kirsten dunst :wtf:
  11. That is so funny. I totally agree that Kirsten Dunst looks horrible when she steps out. J-Lo always looks perfect, even in workout clothes..
  12. Well i dont know.I think this was based on their red carpet style.And yes J.Lo always looks great she is stunning and i think she rocks that Hollywood look but there is nothing special about it.A lot of stars before her had similar style,its pretty boring and repettitve.
    While Kirsten takes chances and tries new things but i agree that she looks awful in her paps candids.
    I would love to hear who else is on the list,does anyone have the mag?If so can you write or scan the list?
  13. JLO is one woman i dont mind immitating :biggrin:
  14. She can dress!
  15. :roflmfao: Could not agree more!!