J.Lo @ 'El Cantante' NY Premiere

  1. Jennifer Lopez sparkles in an asymmetrical salmon chiffon gown at the New York premiere of El Cantante at the AMC 25 Theatre in Times Square on Thursday.
    jennifer-lopez-bikini-tan-line-01.jpg jennifer-lopez-bikini-tan-line-02.jpg jennifer-lopez-bikini-tan-line-03.jpg jennifer-lopez-bikini-tan-line-04.jpg jennifer-lopez-bikini-tan-line-05.jpg
  2. Not a fan of her hair and make-up,love the dress though.
    jennifer-lopez-bikini-tan-line-06.jpg jennifer-lopez-bikini-tan-line-07.jpg jennifer-lopez-bikini-tan-line-08.jpg jennifer-lopez-bikini-tan-line-09.jpg jennifer-lopez-bikini-tan-line-10.jpg
  3. Also there Jennifer's BFF Leah Remini.
    Leah.jpg Leah2.jpg
  4. I love it when she wears that color. Que guapa!
  5. That color is perfect with her complexion....
  6. leah remini looks so...so...severe.
    maybe she should've had her shoulders showing or something. i mean, it was HOT in NY this week.

    love the dress on jlo
  7. Wow has Skalator been eating eating or something? He looks a shade better than usual.
  8. JLo looks fantastic (don't like the hair though), and I agree about poor Marc Anthony!!! He DOES look like Skelator!!! He's so damn skinny, and so pale/gaunt looking!

  9. Gorgeous dress the colour really suits her