J-Lo Dior Gaucho

  1. I did not see anyone else show this- and even though she's not all put togather- the purse and herself look terrific!:biggrin:
    Anyone else have recent pics of celeb's- I'd love to see
    ( I know there's a thread for celebs with bags- starting a fresh one!)
  2. I like the gaucho only in red. Hot bag.
  3. LOVE the bag and I've tried very hard not to like her, but can't really seem to, LOL!
    She's a really beautiful woman IMO, tough to look bad when you have her face to work w/.
  4. Its a great looking bag.
    BIG Fan of Christian Dior.
    Love the saddle bags.:love:
  5. Looks great on her :biggrin:
  6. Another person has already posted about this under the Handbags & Purse section.
  7. very pretty on her!
  8. I think the bag doesn't work with that outfit.
    But the bag is great though! :smile:
  9. Definitely a great bag!
  10. I love Jlo, but she doesn't look as put together as usual. Love the bag - doesn't really go with her outfit IMO.
  11. That Dior does nothing for me. :sad2:
  12. She looks good! Sigh, I admit I do my hair like that on some unbearably hot and humid days!
  13. I think she looks great! I love stars who can look casual and still lovely at the same time. Although I am sure someone worked on her before she left home to make her look "unfinished" and still perfect. The bag is amazing! I just lost out on a smaller version in brown, but now I am LOVING that larger size.
  14. With the exception of the hair (which I'll politely refrain from commenting on), I think she looks pretty too. I think the bag goes great with her outfit - I have the medium in that color and am having trouble finding things it looks good with - I think she's working it well enough.
  15. It looks hot in white too!