J.Lo : Dim & Dimmer

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    How many diva's does it take to change a lightbulb ? Answer-- NONE

    Jennifer Lopez recently had jaws dropping but it wasn't for her killer red carpet style. Instead, studio execs were shocked when they laid their eyes on her list of requirements for a recording session


    NOTORIOUS diva J.Lo had studio execs blinking with her latest list of crazy needs including special Lo-wattage lightbulbs, hot Cuban bread and, ooh, lots of Skittles.​

    Two hours before she was due for a recording session, the Latin lovely delivered a three-page ultimatum to bosses of increasingly off-the wall demands.​

    Top of the crackpot catalogue given to staff at Santa Monica's famous Westlake Studios in LA was: change all the lights for dimmer ones and place them at angles to make the singer look "desirable".​

    One record executive told us: "J.Lo was such a diva when she was here last week. Her people sent us a three-page rider request for her dressing room which was absurd. It was so last-minute.​

    "All the lights had to be at a certain wattage and an angle to make her look good. We've never seen anything like it since Michael Jackson asked for a room to be made above the studio so his monkey Bubbles could watch him record."​

    Her food needs also went into agonising detail. Our insider continues: "She wanted fresh, piping-hot Cuban bread which we had to trawl 10 bakeries to find and dozens of packets of Skittles - including the new sour flavour. She also wanted a gourmet meat selection, a separate cheese platter and crates of water and fruit and scented candles.​

    "We needed to get six extra members of staff to fetch all she needed and lug all the food and crates over."​

    But then the star - who is making her new album - hardly touched her grub.​

    Our exec added: "There was enough to eat for about 20 people in the end, but she barely so much as looked at it.​

    "No one here could believe it - we knew she was a little demanding sometimes but this was absurd."​

    J.Lo has never been low-maintenance. She has insisted that her dressing rooms be painted white and decked-out in matching lilies. She is also famous for insisting on flying in her massive entourage wherever she is which includes a hairdresser, make-up artists, fitness trainer and chef.​

  2. Now lets not be harsh ppl, don't be fooled by the skittles she's got, she's still Jenny from the Block. :rolleyes:
  3. Whoa O.o some odd requests there..
  4. id love to say no to her and walk away! shes take a FREAK! it would be sooo worth it
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. she sounds like a real sweetheart:yucky: :yucky: :yucky:
  7. She is notorious...best thing ben affleck ever did is get a more down to earth Jenny.
  8. Wow....she's so ugly inside..
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    Wow... :wtf:
  10. This is a copy of a rider of hers I got from The Smoking Gun:


    Even when Jennifer Lopez is doing a music video benefiting victims of both the recent terrorist attacks and the African AIDS epidemic, J. Lo is high maintenance. Along with dozens of other performers, Lopez has participated in a charity remake of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On," and was at Miami's Big Time studio on October 20 to film her cameo in the accompanying music video. But before the shoot, Lopez's representatives gave the production crew this detailed "rider" describing what needed to be in place prior to the diva's arrival.

    A copy of the document was provided to The Smoking Gun by two sources involved in the "What's Going On" production, both of whom thought Lopez's demands were a bit much considering the charitable nature of the project (proceeds will be split between the Global AIDS Alliance and the September 11th Fund of the United Way).

    As it turned out, Lopez only spent about 90 minutes on the Miami soundstage, so that spread mentioned in the handwritten addendum went untouched, according to one TSG source. Also, Lopez had to settle for a greenish-colored couch, not the desired white one. Somehow, she survived.
  11. (page 2 of her rider):

  12. yikes. she's not even that good of a singer :smile: at least mariah's weird requests are somewhat justified by the fact that she can sing
  13. TIA..Jlo can't sing, she can dance very well but not singing..
  14. Jees! Maybe that's why her hubby looks so exhausted and overtired all the time. He probably goes through 50+ dignifying procedures before he's allowed to appear before JLo.
  15. It's reality check time for JLo. Demands just because she can get away with it is incredibly self-absorbed (like we didnt' know this about her!!)