J.LO Booed @ Berlin Film Festival

  1. Jennifer Lopez's new movie was booed at the 57th Annual Berlin Film Festival at the weekend.

    "Bordertown" premiered at the event but the reception it received was less than favorable.
    According to reports, most of the audience voiced their disappointment by booing and jeering while others gave the movie a round of muted applause.
    A source claims J.Lo fled the cinema in tears after hearing the cacophony of boos and is now said to be worried the movie will be panned by critics.
    In "Bordertown," the 37-year-old actress plays an American journalist investigating a series of murders near American-owned factories in Juarez and El Paso, in Mexico. ​

    J.Lo, known for her roles in romantic comedies, has starred in several box office flops, including "Gigli" and "Jersey Girl." ​

    She was hoping her performance in "Bordertown" would prove her worth as a serious actress. ​

    Jennifer Lopez at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale)
    "Bordertown" premiere at Berlinale Palast, Berlin, Germany (02.15.07)

  2. lol i can't stand J.Lo so this is funny
  3. why was she booed in the first place??
  4. Wow it must have been really bad.
  5. I really can't understand why people are so rude these days? You don't like her fine...you don't like her work...fine. Keep it to yourself...don't put your money in her hands, but you don't have to be rude.

  6. Seriously, how horrible was this flick if people were booing it??
  7. I dont believe this is the first movie ever booed @, that J.LO starred in. She has quite the track record.
  8. i think Gigli was booed also right?
  9. It was a Film Festival. The audience members show their likes or dislikes though applause, cheering and sometimes booing.
  10. Must of been really bad. She doesn't look to happy in those pics posted.
  11. cant stand JLO and especially Marc Anthony. But how sad for her
  12. I just find it disrespectful because the movie was based on unsolved murders of real women.

    To me, that's the equivalent of booing at either of the 9/11 movies.
  13. I like JLO as a singer, but as an actress she has never made clever choices in her movies......gigli,wedding planner, maid in manhattan, etc.....:sleepy:
  14. Oh that's too bad, I really like her!
  15. selena?

    that was pretty good. but yeah. her other movies kinda tanked.

    i never liked her much, surprisingly her perfume is selling great so i guess the business side, that's where her money is coming from

    but a singer? karaoke.

    actress? maybe she just picked horrible scripts.