J.Lo and Marc kick off their tour

  1. Jennifer Lopez kicks off her national tour with hubby Marc Anthony in The Etess Arena at Trump Taj in Atlantic City, NJ on Friday night.
    J-Lo channeled her inner hippie Dancing Queen and performed in concert dressed in pastel-colored bell bottoms and matching floaty top. Her other outfit was a light orange dress with a “tree branches” neckline.
    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg
  2. I love Jennifer!
  3. Their costumes were designed by Roberto Cavalli
    06.jpg 08.jpg 10.jpg 09.jpg 07.jpg
  4. I don't like what she's wearing at all
  5. Love JLo but not digging her outfits at all...
  6. Back Story:
    We have to write a paper for one of my classes (I'm majoring in Photography and the class is Success Strategies) and it's take a news article and condense it down into three sentences or less. I took the article from PerezHilton.com about Jen and Marc's tour opening and said....

    "Jennifer Lopez is pregnant.

    She's wearing REALLY ugly clothes to hide it."

  7. She looks FAB in this pic!!!:tup: But is that a BOOB OOP?!:nuts:

  8. Meh-h not digging the bell-bottoms.
  9. I love them....I'm going to see them here in Vegas on Oct. 26....can't wait!!!
  10. I agree.
  11. i think they're channeling Sonny & Cher

    anyway i think she is prego...why all the loose clothing??
  12. More costumes.
    I can't really like them. I hope she's pregnant and that's the reason she's wearing these outfits.
  13. She won't be able to hide it for long...if she is.
  14. she's gonna be another xtina...but hey its her business i could understand why she would hide it.
  15. awful costumes!!! I do hope she is preggers though. Has Skeletor lost more weight:confused1:? Does he even eat?