J-Lo and Marc hit Top Shop

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  3. Oh I really like the top she is wearing. I wonder if she bought anything at the store?
  4. I love her top. Anyone know what it is?
  5. [​IMG]

    I didnt think this was her ! But it is !

    Jennifer Lopez opts for the seventies disco look with these silver flares on a night out in London with husband Marc Anthony.
  6. I think her haircolor looks fab!
  7. Gorgeous as always!! :yes:
  8. Nice blouse/top
  9. JMO- she looks a lot prettier with her hair down. She looks too boyish with it up.
  10. I love her top and her bag :heart:
  11. Some more pic.

    I really love her top and her Marni bag.
    jlo.jpg jlo1.jpg jlo2.jpg
  12. J.Lo never disappoints me, she always looks amazing!
  13. Love the outfit ..she always looks good
  14. She looks great! I wonder who makes that bag.
  15. ^^ Marni