J lo and her chloe

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Looks like Mousse, but with gold hardware? Or maybe its just the pic?
  3. It looks like bleu clair to me. Not green enough for the mousse
  4. aaahhh she looks great there. love the outfit with the sunglasses.
  5. I have all the pieces to recreate that outfit! Except my paddy is a burgundy/wineish color. I may just wear that 2morrow. I love me some J.lo :biggrin:
  6. LUXX i'm sure you will just be stylin :biggrin:
  7. You'd think she would make an effort to wear the bag with the lock in front showing!
  8. LOL, all the celebs wear their Paddingtons backwards, or with the lock flipped over, etc. When you're rolling in dough like J Lo, a $1500 bag is like $15. She sure looks great though!
  9. She could wear that bag upside down and on her head. No matter what, she'd be cool.
  10. She always looks fab!!!
  11. AACK! I returned that bag! That's the jeans moyen (aka blue clair) color! It looks better on her than it did on me, though. I am debating the mousse again. And I just ordered some shoes that would be perfect with a mousse bag!!!
  12. ^^^ You really need to get a mousse! You've been in love with the mousse for so long!!! Send me a pic of these shoes though! :flowers: Maybe it'd go with the turq edith too! :yes: :yes: :yes:
  13. ET- get the mousse! I am so in love with mine! I cannot stop wearing it!

    Thanks BL! I forgot about bleu clair! You are absolutely right!
  14. I am holding out for a dolma green b-bag. But if that doesn't come through (I may be able to get one this fall) I will reconsider the mousse. It's the lock and the weight that irritate me. I am totally in love with the mousse color, though!
  15. I agree she looks fab!