J.Lo and Anthony.......

  1. They both were @Puerto Rican Day Parade on Sunday. Anyone got their pics @the parade? Will anyone be so kind to post it, I wish to see it...please....:amuse:

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  2. No pics from me...she sure has been laying low for a long while. Besides her new reality show I have been hearing about...what has she been up too?
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    (source: http://celebritysource.blogspot.com/)
    J.Lo attends Puerto Rican Day parade

    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony lent Hollywood glamour to the Puerto Rican Day Parade on Sunday — and attracted such a horde of paparazzi that police officers and Guardian Angels kept them roped off from the crowds as they marched.

    "The Puerto Rican parade has been a long-standing tradition in my life. It was always an event that I looked forward to every single year," said Anthony, who led the parade with his wife, Lopez, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

    Salsa music blared from dozens of floats as the parade made its way up Fifth Avenue past a sea of revelers waving the red, white and blue Puerto Rican flag.

    Beauty queens wore Barbie doll dresses and foot-high tiaras. Folk dance troupes wore ruffled skirts and flowers behind their ears.

    A contingent of high-stepping show horses was followed by two sanitation workers wheeling garbage bins.

  4. She is just BEAUTIFUL!!!:love:
  5. She always look fab! Just gorgeous!!! =)

    (source: http://celebritysource.blogspot.com/)
    Jennifer Lopez: Shows Off a "Bumpless" Stomach

    Jennifer Lopez leaving a gym.
  6. I love her!!! She always looks great!
  7. they're a swwet couple! i like them both so much!!!!!!:biggrin:
  8. She's pretty but he scares the life out of me!
  9. Can't say I'm a fan, but she's doing something right - she's got it all doesn't she?
  10. I know a lot of people don't really like her - but I love her! I think she's so pretty and is well put together.

    Marc Anthony does not do anything for me (looks wise) but he has an amazing voice!
  11. Oh for sure, he can sing - and he ain't too pretty is he? hahahhaa...
  12. Jennifer Lopez is SOO gorgeous. I thought so ever since I watched "The Monster-In-Law". (:! I read an article on the PEOPLE magazine about the couple. It said that they were really really happy together. (: I"m glad.
  13. I think Jennifer Lopez is really pretty, and she is always dressed great at awards shows. But Marc? ACCCCKKKK!!! He looks like a corpse!!!
  14. Thank goodness JLo is past her Total Overexposure phase...I was getting pretty tired of seeing her in the movies, at every premiere, on the radio, on perfume bottles, on clothing labels, etc....at least now she keeps a lower profile and has revived some of that Hollywood mystique. She really is beautiful to look at.
  15. Agree that Marc Anthony has an amazing voice, he writes his own songs too right? I love his song 'My Baby You'.