J.Jill "Wearever" separates

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  1. http://www.jjill.com/whatsnew/sp1wearever.asp?A=OL&vstrTagging=wardrobe-b

    Anyone have these? Their SA claims they're "great" for travel and won't wrinkle, but I'm wondering how they hold up otherwise? Can you dress up or down? I like that they're a rayon blend which would probably breathe, but was wondering what other people's experiences with this line are.
  2. I am a J.Jill fanatic. Their pieces are easy to care for and I appreciate the simple styles. The wearever does not wrinkle very much (very little actually) but if you are curvy, it can be a bit clingy! I love it!
  3. I've never seen them or bought much from J. Jill, although I do enjoy browsing their catalogs.

    This line reminds me a lot of Eileen Fisher Sportswear. I have tons of separates from her and they are great for mixing and matching and dressing up or down. It looks like you'll have the same kind of luck with these from J.Jill.