J Crews answer to Gucci and LV?

  1. You can't see it too well in this photo but this is the new "horsebit" silk tote JCrew is releasing this fall. I thought the new Gucci tote that mimics the LV charms line was amusing, but this....I guess imitation is the sincerest form as they say.

  2. The color combo is great for fall but I was never a fan of the charm line from LV or Gucci so this shall stay in the store when I go shopping
  3. hmm.. i'm not sure but i think the horsebit thing has been in gucci's lines and not just recently...

    im not liking the bag but maybe if i were 15 again i'd get it. :smile:
  4. Equestrian styles and horse-bits go in and out of style every Fall, I think everyone picks up on them from Gucci to Walmart....
  5. I agree, but couldn't help but be surprised when I saw it in the latest issue of Elle (on a page dedicted to equestrian styling). There's no reason why Gucci should be the only one who can use the horsebit motif, but it just felt like such a copy.
  6. my point exactly.
  7. LOL this makes me want to go to Macy's and take a pic of all the wannabe balenciagas and kooba chiaras that Nine West just came out with! I think every time one of the high end designers come up with an idea it gets copied by other companies and mass produced so everyone can afford to take part in the trend... I guess that's just the way the fashion industry works =)
  8. I am starting to see alot of blatant impersonators even with the high end stuff! The Fall Gucci horsebit print bag looks like the LV charms line and one of the new Balenciaga bags looks eerily like a Fendi. I'll try and find a photo....