J Crew Xtra 20% Off Online

  1. CHECK IT OUT...:yes:
  2. Does anyone know the code for free shipping? Thanks
  3. ^ Never mind, I got it from the other thread..re: JCrew Codes
  4. use code SNTL for another 10% off..
  5. SNTL didn't work for me this morning unfortunately :sad: so i paid a ridiculous amount in shipping, but its allll good because i got a bunch of things for my work wardrobe for a fraction of the original cost! yay sales!
  6. try SNTM i just used it and i got 10% off!!
  7. Clever! Thank you.
  8. where to apply the free shipping code???

  9. yay! it worked! I got the credit after i placed my order...thanks so much, you saved me $20!
  10. Darn it! I just placed an order but didn't use the extra 10% code. Note to self - always check on TPF for codes!!!