J. Crew St. Barth bag - opinions?

  1. What are your thoughts on this bag? It's cute, I think, but I'm thinking I'd probably wait until it goes on sale (not that it's not already an okay price, I just don't know that it's one of those bags I love enough to spend more than, say, $40 on. Which probably means it's a bag I don't care enough about to buy, doesn't it?!)


    Maybe it's also because I'm sometimes disappointed with J. Crew bags. Like the printed totes - I thought one was just cute as all get-out until I got up close and then it looked kind of cheaply made - def. not worth the price tag on it.
  2. your post caught my eye bc I love j crew. I'm wearing a j crew tee right now. :p

    But I don't care about the handles, it makes me think about old furniture for some reason... sorry! Then again, I'm not very avant-garde in terms of fashion.

    Also, it looks like stuff might spill out of the side of the bag (like keys!) if you're not careful. Love the eyelet look of the white, though.
  3. Sorry! Not my type at all.

    Anyway, it is good with summer time.
  4. I also don't like the handles.
  5. It does not look expensive, i would say wait til it gets on sale. They will for sure.
  6. I swear I saw something similar at target for super cheap.

    It's cute for summer but I can't justify spending full j crew prices on such a seasonal bag. If you are in a really comfy financial situation then get what you like!
  7. I really love the eyelet one, and when I saw it in person @ the store - I had to have it!

    I think its pretty well made, and a perfect summer purse. I love mine!
  8. If your heart is set on it, I would wait until it goes on sale.
  9. Cute, cute. Do you have time to post pics?
  10. Cute, cute. Do you have time to post pics of you carrying it?
  11. I like the eyelet version more than the striped one, but I agree, this is not one that I'd be willing to spend more than, say, $60 on. I'm not typically a matchy-matchy type, but when you carry this you couln't wear, say, wooden slides with it. It's also pretty limited, season-wise.
  12. It's a cute summer bag. I remember in the 80s' we used to carry bags very similiar to this and you could change the fabric piece to match your outfit. (There were buttons underneath the handles)..
  13. They are really cute but i wish they had a longer handle.
  14. Cute bag but perhaps you could wait for it to go on sale. Are you specifically looking for a bag with wooden handles?
  15. It's cute, I'd prefer the second one over the eyelet one because its PURE white, and I'd worry like heck about getting it dirty.