J.Crew Size 11's

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  1. Hi All! I am a size 11 and depending on how tight a shoe is sometimes a size 12 but usually a true 11/42. 41 is too small.

    How do J Crew 11's fit? I need to order online becuase they don't get 11's shipped to their Canadian stores so before I bite the bullet I need to know if they are a true to size 11.

    feedback? Thanks!
  2. I have purchased size 11 sandals from them and they fit tts. My shoe sizing is exactly like yours, a true us11 and eu42.

  3. My experience with J. Crew shoes is that they are TTS. I'm exactly like you in terms of sizes!
  4. Thanks for the replies!!! I'm happy to be able to find leather made in Italy STYLISH shoes in our size!!!
  5. I am also a true 11 and love the fit of J. Crew 11's! At least in sandals and pumps. I tried on a size 11 loafer and it was slightly snug but it may be the shape of my foot.
  6. I was just about to post the exact same question! My feet are just like yours.

    I've only ever bought J.Crew shoes in terms of US sizing though so am wondering, is J.Crew typical of US sizing? If I'm an 11 in J.Crew will I be the same in other brands?

    Thanks! :smile:
  7. I wear a size 10/41 and find Jcrew to run on the more generous side. I think the 11 will work for you. Other generous cut brands I've found are: YSL, Tory Burch, Nine West, Enzo Angelino, Jimmy Choo, Me Too