J Crew regional warehouse sale - Richmond, VA

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  1. from J.Crew Aficionada blog:


    There is a warehouse sale in Richmond, VA in the TJ Maxx shopping center on Broad Street from Oct. 7th-17th, 2010.

    Coupon Info: Richmond Bargains is also sharing the "30% off Friends & Family” coupon for the Warehouse Sale. Just send an email to richmondbargains at gmail dot com and they will email back the pdf coupon.

    The location & hours are:

    Former Good Wood store
    TJMaxx shopping center
    9125 W Broad St
    Richmond, VA

    10am to 8pm now through October 17th
  2. thanks for the heads up, I might chk it out on Friday
  3. you girls are so lucky! i wish their warehouse sale would magically come to nyc! or even CT or NJ!
  4. Perfect timing. Thanks for posting. I'll try to head over there today.
  5. Man when they had the warehouse sale here, I made out like a BANDIT. I think I spent less than 300 the whole sale. Got 3 coats, 4 or 5 cashmere sweaters, boots, 2 or 3 dresses, lots of belts, few swimsuits, couple hats, and some regular shirts.
  6. its happening again...
    Jan 6th - 22nd 2012
    9750 Broad St.
    Richmond VA
    (former boarders bookstore)

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  7. has anyone seen a coupon floating around? For the last sale there was a coupon, from one of the bloggers, I think.