J Crew Online Coupon? Anything??

  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone had any kind of J Crew coupon they could share with me? I am pregnant and I found some really cute sweats that I think might fit! Please help! Thanks!:nuts:
  2. SNTL.....still works for 10% off, even on the sale items!
  3. there is an additional 25% off going on now. Online only, all sales FINAL.
    J.Crew > final sale
  4. $20 off $100, code:JN-430 expires: January 20,2007
    Happy shopping!
  5. SNTL still works. Thanks
  6. Thanks for posting! I just picked up a coat and a sweatshirt for $125:yahoo:
  7. does anyone have a free shipping and handling coupon code?
  8. Lotsa new items were added to their SALE list!!!

    I just got myself another COAT, 2 SKIRTS, and a DRESS SHIRT for $179 TOTAL!!!

    I used coupon code JN430...saved me on shipping and half of tax!!!


  9. I just bought another coat and a skirt :yahoo:...too bad I'm not going to be this excited when my credit card bill comes:crybaby:
  10. Lots more added...

    Code: SNTL (still works)
    Code: JN-430 (isn't working)
  11. I used JN-430 this morning and it worked :smile:
  12. Thanks for the heads up! I wouldn't have thought to check, even though I know they add stuff almost every day. Lots of good deals on cute stuff.
  13. I see what happened, there was a space after somewhere... Off to rder more. Man I wish JCrew let us stack codes....
  14. Okay, I just bought the black haverhill coat (down to $129 from $325) and the Audrey strapless dress in navy (I have three weddings to go to this summer). I have spent so much money lately, but I really do need a black coat. Both SNTL and JN-430 are working.
  15. My SA just called, in store additional markdowns, plus additional 25% off.

    The upside of buying in the store: you can return, prices are lower
    The downside of online: no returns, but you can use coupons