J. Crew Obsessing

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  1. It looks like there's a few J. Crew fans at the PF. Please share your current fixations!

    I am obsessed with J. Crew cashmere sweaters. I have about 15, and want more. They just released the cashmere cable turtlenecks, and I'm waiting for the next %off deal to pounce.

    Also obsessed with the coats-way to many cute ones this year....
  2. J Crew still has 10% student discounts in the store, so if you are a student or know any students, you can get your sweater sooner! :tup:
  3. I am newly obsessed with J. Crew! (The old obsession was Abercrombie, but I've grown up and moved on haha)

    I love the cardigans. I got this one in the color below and the blue/brown one.

    I also just bought this one:
    but I'm contemplating if I should keep it or not...

    I'm disappointed there are no new cardigans in the just released batch of new clothes! (well, there are some argyle, but I already have so much argyle...)

    Does anyone know anywhere else that sells pretty printed cardigans like these? (besides Anthro, that's even more expensive sometimes haha)
  4. ^^I've never heard of student discounts, I wonder if my student ID from 5 years ago will do the trick, lol. I am pretty much in love with everything, I scour the catalog when it comes out like a harry potter book. The J.crew in my mall is relocating so I can't try stuff on at the moment so I have to wait ...I hate to order and it not fit and have to deal with the return. I'm excited about these upcoming sales though. I have NO cashmere in my wardrobe at all.
  5. I've gotten it with an old one and without one as a matter of fact. I still live near my old school so they just assumed.

    I love jcrew but I think that their quality has decreased as their prices have gone up over the last few years. I still buy their clothes at the outlets or on sale for a significant discount, but I don't really think I would pay full price for anything there anymore.

  6. virgirl920-

    Garnet Hill online has some sweaters like that...very similar.

    My local store had the cashmere tees on sale for $99.00. Now I'll just wait for the extra 25% off clearance they usually have...hope I can be there at the right moment.

    I usually get everything on sale. However, just got this shirt at full price, as I'm worried about it selling out.
  7. Oops-this one should work...
  8. I love jcrew stuff too, just bought some cardigans, sweaters and a jacket also a dress! Love their dresses this season actually :smile:

    I'm glad I got some 20% off! haha
  9. I'm completely obsessed with JC! I love their coats, I have the Lady Day Coat in Sea salt, Black and Navy so far, and this year I'm buying the Double cloth that has the stand up collar in dark poppy and maybe black...

    I don't do cashmere, allergic to wool so can't commiserate with you all on that one, sorry!

    I love their chinos but only in favorite fit as well as all their pants...also I'm tall and this is one thing that turned me onto JC in the past, that they offered tall sizes in shirts and pants for women.

    Loved the Bella jacket earlier in the season but haven't seen it lately in catalogs or the website. I hate going to the store (Oakbrook,Chicago) hate trying to park there and the teens that work there are a little too blase for my tastes so I prefer ordering online even though I live about 20 min. from the OB store. Anywho, love JC no matter what.
  10. I think J. Crew for women is amazing -- cute styles, great cuts and colors and color combos that are wonderful. For guys, I think their stuff can be WAY better -- I know its traditional American sportswear, but honestly, the cut is really generous in many cases and the colors (minus their sweaters) are blaise at best.

    However, I will say that whenever I see one of their cashmere sweaters in extra small for me, I snap it up because they fit me perfectly...fitted and hit slightly below the waist.
  11. I have recently bought tons of stuff also! Cashmere cardigans and tees mostly .... but I also bought that gorgeous Violet flowered wool coat too that is sold out! I'll post a pic as soon as it gets here!!
  12. Love their cashmere! I probably own 12 or 13 J. Crew sweaters.
  13. love their stuff, especially their sweaters and coats!
  14. I went to a knew J Crew yesterday and almost screamed when I saw the new Argyle sweaters they have for the holidays . There stuff this year is so freakin cute !
    I have probaly 30 sweater , alot of cotton and merino wool v necks - I have 10 argyle sweater and 4 coats , 20 striped button up shirts and 10 t shirts , I even have there PJs
    I love love love their clothes!