J. Crew Jeans...

  1. Is the quality nice? They look so cute in the photos and they cost a lot less than the ones I love.:rolleyes: :shame: :lol:
  2. Love J Crew Jeans.... However, I noticed they run a little big. I am usually a size 6, but I would probably buy a 4 from J. Crew.
  3. Thanks you...I normally wear a 6 too, so this really helps!
  4. I agree J.crew sizing runs large, wonder why too, espeically there shoes!
  5. I totally agree kaykaybobay... I have to be very careful with the shoes and cannot order them on-line because they tend to always run large.
  6. I was going to say exactly what Michele said! LOL!

    great quality, buy a size smaller ;)
  7. I was wondering the samething. I Was at the king of prussia mall yesterday and saw a very cute pair of cuffed capri jeans. I don't own any jeans from jcrew and wasn't sure what the quality is like. Now, I may have to go back and purchase those capri jeans...lol
  8. I found that the color tends to fade quite easliy after a few washes.